Chronological list of the Lords of the Manor of Chelsworth from 962 AD


Arms Date Reign Detail
Before 962   King Edgar the Peaceable, King of All Britain 959-975
  962 4th Edgar  Aethelflaed of Domerham, elder of two daughters of Alfgar, Earldorman of the Wilsaetas. 4th Edgar  In 944, she became second wife of Edmund I The Magnificent and stepmother of King Edgar
  962 4th Edgar St Edmund's Stowe at Bydericswyrthe - later the Abbey of St. Edmund
  1198 10th Richard I Benedict de Blakeham – still by 1202/3 (4th John)
  1230/1 15th Henry III Thomas de Blakeham
  1252/3 37th Henry III Benedict de Blakeham b.1215
  1271/2 55th Henry III Sir Benedict de Blakeham (Steward of the Household of Alianor, The Queen Mother). b.1240. Summoned against the Welsh in 10th Edward I (1281/2), died 12th Edward I (1283/4). m. 1271 Joan (b.1254), only child of William and Isabella de Hastings
  1297 25th Edward I

  Benedict de Blakeham – born and baptised in Chelsworth in 4th Edward I (1275/6). Paid homage for his lands to Edward I in 1297

  1302 30th Edward I  Thomas de Blakeham (Stewart of the Liberty of St. Edmund – Lord for life, uncle of Benedict, he died 1304
de St. Philbert    
      Hugh de St. Philibert b. 1259 Eaton Hastings, Berkshire, m. Alice de Blakeham (Sister of Benedict, b.1274)  in 1292, d.31st Dec 1304 – gained lands in Suffolk & Norfolk via wife from Benedict de Blakeham. Summonded by Edward I to parliament in 1298, constantly in King’s service in the Scottish and Gascon wars from 1296-1304
  1313 7th Edward II Sir John de St. Philibert – b.1293, in Sulham, Berkshire paid homage in 1313, confirmed in 1316/7, died in Gascogne in 7th Edward III (Feb 1333), m. (1313) Ada, daughter of John de Botetourt. Reeve and dispenser present at that time suggests mansion built by Blakehams still present. Fought for Edward’s II and III. Made Governor of Bordeaux in 1331
  1334 7th Edward III John de St. Philibert – born 1328. Succeeded at age 6. no issue, had 3 sisters, released manor to Sir Richard & Margery (sister of John) de Plays in 25th Edward III (1351). He fought under the Black Prince in the French wars, and five times crossed the Channel in his retinue and died in 1359 ‘in parts beyond the seas’. Elaborate gothic tomb canopy in All Saints’ Church, Chelsworth. Only son St John died aged 2, one day after his mother had died in 1360/1
de Plays    
  1353/4  27th Edward III Sir Richard & Margery de Plays – had a manor here in 1353/4, confirmed in 34th Edward III (1360/1) but he died overseas in 1360. Margery died on 14th October 1363/4
  1363/4 37th Edward III

Sir John de Plays – born and baptised in Chelsworth 14 January 1343. died 1389 and left money to Chelsworth Church,  His only child Margery / Margaret (by first wife Margery, daughter of Sir Walter de Norwich) married Sir John Howard, ancestor of the Dukes of Norfolk. Second wife Joan (de Stapleton) survived him. May be last Lord to live in village

  1389 13th Richard II Margery de Plays & Sir John Howard  –  Sir John died in 17th Novemeber 1437 whilst on pilgrimage to Jerusalem. Wife (14th August 1381)and son John (1436) pre-deceased him so Manor passed to grand-daughter Elizabeth
  1437 16th Henry VI Elizabeth Howard (1410-1475) – m.1428/9 John de Vere, 12th Earl of Oxford (1408-1462 beheaded). From 1462 settled estate on Richard, Duke of Gloucester (Edward IV’s brother, later Richard III) in trust for her heirs in 12th Edward IV (1472/3)
  1472/3 12th Edward IV Richard, Duke of Gloucester (later Richard III)
de Vere.     
  1485 1st Henry VII John de Vere, 13th Earl of Oxford, her son, 8th Sept 1442 - 10th March 1513,  families estates including Chelsworth were restored in 1485 on Henry VII’s accession to the throne. m. d.s.p. (only son died in infancy). Main commander at The Battle of Bosworth Field, later appointed Lord High Admiral and Constable of the Tower.
  1513 5th Henry VIII John de Vere, 14th Earl of Oxford “Little John of Campes” (14th Aug 1499-14th July 1526), son of Sir George de Vere (the 13th Earl’s brother), married Ann, daughter of Thomas, 2nd Duke of Norfolk in 1512. d.s.p. 3 sisters inherit
  1526 18th Henry VIII Ann, Countess of Oxford (life interest)
  Aft 1558 6th Mary I Dorothy de Vere (sister of 14th Earl, d. 7th Feb 1527) – married c.1518 John Neville, 3rd Baron Latimer (17th Nov 1493 – 2nd Mar 1543, buried St Paul’s Cathedral, knighted 14th Oct 1513 by Henry VIII after the taking of Tournai, involved in the ‘Pilgrimage of Grace’ rebellion against Henry VIII, his second marriage was to Catherine Parr who in turn later married Henry VIII)
      John Neville, 4th Baron Latimer (their son b.1520) m. 1545 Lucy, daughter of Henry, Earl of Worcester. Died 20th Elizabeth II (22nd Apr 1577) with no male issue. Their 4 daughters split the inheritance. Held Chelsworth in 35th Henry VIII
Wingfield / Naunton    
  1574   Sir Robert Wingfield  (Elizabeth de Vere, second sister of 14th Earl married Sir Anthony Wingfield: this is their son; another child was Elizabeth (see below)
  1578 21st Elizabeth I Henry Percy, 8th Earl of Northumberland (1532-1585) married Catherine, daughter of John Neville, 4th Baron Latimer
  To1592 35th Elizabeth I Elizabeth Naunton (nee Wingfield)
  Bef 1628 4th Charles I

Sir Anthony Wingfield  (d. 1638), son of Sir Robert, created a baronet in 1627.

Sir Robert Naunton (his second cousin and grandson of  Elizabeth Naunton), Secretary of State, Privy Counsellor and Master of the Wards and Liveries

  Bef 1637 13th Charles I Dame Penelope Naunton (widow of Sir Robert) until after 1646
  By 1655 5th Cromwell
Robert Naunton (son of William Naunton, Sir Robert’s brother)
  1655 5th Cromwell Robert Marryott snr of Bredfield nr Woodbridge, previously Steward of the Manor to the Wingfield and Naunton families. His first wife Frances Pells was sister of Anne Pells, Willam Naunton’s wife
  1665 6th Charles II Robert Marryot jnr, his son
  1675 16th Charles II Thomas Knight, married Dorothy Marryot (Robert’s daughter) in 1675 and bought Manor at same time. Died a few months later and Manor reverts to…
  1675/6 16th Charles II
Dorothy Knight, second marriage in 1681 to Edmund Jenney of Knodishall (died 1695), she died 1703. Succeeded by son, Arthur
  1703 2nd Anne Arthur Jenney. Died 1729
  1729 3rd George II Edmund Jenney. Sold manor to…
  1737 11th George II Robert Pocklington Esq died 1767, estate passed to his cousin
  1767 8th George III Thomas Pocklington of Chelmsford. d.s.p. 1769
  1769 10th George III
Pleasance Pykarell (cousin of Robert, d.1774) m.1769 Samuel Sharpe (d.1781) and both assumed Pocklington name and arms
  1781 22nd George III Sir Robert Pocklington KMT, their son, b.1770 d.21 Sept 1840
  1840 4th Victoria Catherine Frances Pocklington (later married Sir Henry Austen)
  1843 7th Victoria Frances Pocklington & Sir Henry Austen (knighted 1832)
  1856 16th Victoria Marton Robert Pocklington (1800-1865), son of Robert
  1865 49th Victoria Col. George Henry Pocklington (1833-1908) Roberts brother’s Grandson
  1907   Col. Fredierick Pocklington
  1914   Alice Emmy Pocklington
  1921   Ada Eleanor Bayley Pocklington
  1943   Lt Col John Frederic Jelf pocklington
  1986   Joan Margaret Pocklington
  2004   David Lyon Tassell (son Joan Margaret Pocklington and Stanley Tassell)